Division for Prospecting of Hydrocarbon Deposits
  • Evaluating prospecting possibilities in different regions;
  • Evaluating the natural resources of crude oil and natural gas;
  • Estimating the physical and crude oil deposits parameters and the properties of fluids;
  • Microbiological applications in the area of drilling, exploitation  of hydrocarbons beds and underground gas repositories;
  • Renewable energy.
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Division of Hydrocarbon Production Engineering
  • Drilling technology;
  • Liquids for drilling and  well cementing technologies;
  • The development and exploitation of crude oil and natural gas deposits;
  • Designing of hydrocarbon exploitation stimulation processes;
  • Simulating the bed processes and underground gas storages;
  • Well reconstruction technology.
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Division of Gas Engineering
  • Evaluation of plastics for the gas industry;
  • Technical evaluation of the gas fittings of the measurement instruments;
  • Studying the changes of the metrology features of the gas-meters;
  • Quality and technical evaluation of the installations burning the hydrocarbon fuels;
  • New technologies of utilizing gas;
  • Problems of environmental protection in the gas and oil industry.
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Division of Petroleum Processing
  • The analytical and technological evaluation of crude oils;
  • Simulation of crude oil processing (distillation, selective rafination, oil fractions dewaxing, crude oil fractions dearomatization);
  • Catalysts evaluations for refinery processes;
  • Development of the technology for liquid fuels, solid hydrocarbons, aphalts, greases, grease oils, other petroleum products;
  • Synthesis and performance evaluation of additives for petroleum products;
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